I can hear what you’re thinking

I see you standing, obedient and quite

Long pretty hair yet hand-me-down clothes.

Your father is creepy, your brothers are wild

The kind that reap what they sow.

Are you really a part of THAT family

You must be a rose among thorns!


You are welcome to come over

You’re the easiest guest.

You never make waves

And you clean up every mess.

How can you be a part of THAT family

Such a rose among thorns!


I almost forgot you were in our group

why don’t you talk once in a while?

You’re nice enough, sure! But I know where you live…

The place with all the junk, there are piles!

It’s sad you’re from THAT family

hiding, a rose among thorns.


Your family goes to church, your grandfather is a pastor

Your scary Dad talks so holy yet his boys are so unruly.

You obviously take after your poor mom, strong and hard working

Standing by her crazy man is a good wife’s duty.

It’s amazing you belong to THAT family

Looking like a rose among thorns.


I was so thrilled the day you were born

I knew after so many I’d eventually get a pearl!

But I don’t like how your father favors you above me

I’ve grown to despise you, I should have never had a girl.

Why is this MY family

I am the rose among thorns.


I’m so protective and why shouldn’t I be

I’m your father and you belong to me!

I’ve groomed you well, you can’t even see

That monster in your room in the night, it’s me!

You are in MY family

Who are you kidding, no rose in these thorns!


I saw you in church, beautiful, long hair

I know your family’s a mess but I can’t help but stare.

Give me a chance, I love you

I know you’ve been hurt and I really care.

Please meet my family

You are such a rose! What’s that about thorns?


My child, my creation! I’ve always been here

I’ve never left your side, I sat next to all your fear!

I love you and I knit you together

I winced with every abuse and wept with every tear.

You are adopted to MY FAMILY

Where there are only roses, never thorns!

700 × 1053 – hawk002.deviantart.com


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