“Who I am and why I’m here”


Well that’s a good question! Let me enlighten you to the parts I’ve figured out.

I am a stay at home mom of four amazing kids. I married a man that makes me better in every way. I am a beautiful mess of a woman learning to find contentment and peace with myself and my past. The faith I have in my sweet Jesus helps me do that. I am an extroverted introvert according to some personality test and I guess that’s why I’m so confused about myself. Every day is different and anything can happen. It makes life fun and exciting but also chaotic and exhausting.


I keep a journal and love writing in it but I wanted to mature in processing my thoughts. Blogging, I thought, would be a safe place to do that. I hope that blogging gives me an organized space to be real and grow in understanding and grace for myself and other people. I hope this experience grows my ability to healthily relate to others and build a community of safe relationships which I believe to be a main purpose of my existence. In short, I want to find and express myself in an honestly productive way.


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