The Building With The Biggest Doors (A Parable of Sorts)

Law vs grace beautifully portrayed.

john pavlovitz


One day, a boy was walking through the town with his father, just as they did every Sunday morning.

He so enjoyed their walks.

The boy held his father’s hand as they traveled from street to street, taking in every color, every sound, every scent of the new day.

As they walked together, the boy loved to look at the people as they passed by; so very different, so not at all the same. They were beautiful, and sweet, and strange, and sometimes even scary.

Whenever they happened upon someone, whether the boy thought they were beautiful, or sweet, or strange, or scary, his father would always look them in the eyes, smile, and say something nice to them.

Sometimes the people would smile back.
Sometimes they look surprised.
Sometimes they looked away quickly.

And on this morning, the boy finally turned to his father and asked, “Why do you do that, Father? Why do you greet everyone in the street…

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