Remember me as you shut your eyes;

my love, my grace and my goodness.

Examine silently the thoughts in your heart;

expose, reprove and tackle the mess.

Stretch all the fear and tension away;

dream with courage and joy unfurled.

Take a deep breath, feel the pulse of my life;

now get up and go into the world.




Bring me to a better place.
I’m tired of all the noise.
The temptations wear me down,
And I’m sick of hearing evil’s ploys.

Bring me to a better place.
I’m exhausted from being tough.
I do so much and try so hard,
But it will never be enough.

Bring me to a better place.
I want to leave it all.
The lies, the hurts, the betrayal;
All that’s cursed me from the fall.

Bring me to a better place,
This place of peace and rest.
Where confidence is bold
And trust is at its best.

Bring me to a better place,
I’m ready to face the fight.
I want to live in the truth,
And project its radiant light.

Bring me to a better place,
Where I learn to love above all.
Where hope and trust prevail
And courage hears the call.

Beautiful wings

and graceful 
  you glide th
   rough the air. Dipping and swaying 
      here and there. Your flight is a mystery, 
      migration perplexing. If I had that ability I’d feel so free.
       You’re clothed by your maker most elegantly, feathers so delic
          ately strong, what a feat. Your song is 
             enchanting, sweet melodies that 
                         You are 
          an amazing creation, at least that is my summation.

Prompt:animal, Form:concrete poetry, Device:enjambment



Traveling down this narrow road,

I’m all alone so I’ve been told.

I wonder where I’m going,

what fruit I am sowing.

I trust You to carry my load.

Prompt:journey, Form:limerick, Device:alliteration